President's Message - April 2022

April 23, 2022 10:50 AM | Anonymous

Happy Spring WACEP,

Thank you to everybody who was able to make it to the WACEP Spring Symposium this week. While “Getting the Band Back Together” was an appropriate and catchy slogan, it really was amazing to gather IN PERSON for the first time in three years and I look forward to this again being an annual event.  The ability to reconnect with so many across the state, to learn from some from expert lecturers and innovative research, and to celebrate some of the accomplishments of WACEP and some its individual members was simply wonderful.  I wanted to use this opportunity to also recap the report I shared during our business meeting:

  • This was another busy year in the state legislature with some significant wins for WACEP that really demonstrate the power and value of WACEP.  Just a few (very important) highlights include the governor’s veto of the APRN bill and the long overdue Medicaid reimbursement rate increases.
  • WACEP hosted a webinar in January that included updates on pediatric respiratory care as well as OB emergencies, targeted at providers who may practice in more resource limited sites.  We are looking at expanding this valuable resource to our members across the state.
  • WACEP membership numbers continue to remain steady with 538 total members.  Please encourage any partners you have or colleagues who are not a member of WACEP to consider joining
  • WACEP continues to be in a very good financial position ending 2021 with approximately 38 months in operating reserves.
  • Congratulations to the award winners who were announced.  This includes:
    • WACEP Resident Advocate Award:
      • From UW: Dr. Rudi Zurbuchen
      • From MCW: Dr. Paul Benz
    • WACEP Distinguished Service Award: Dr. Jeff Pothof
    • WACEP Past President’s Award: Dr. Brad Burmeister

Thank you again to all who worked so hard to organize such an incredible event as well as all our sponsors and exhibitors who made this event possible.

Please as always, let us know what WACEP can do to support you and the important work that you do and THANK YOU!!