Wisconsin Emergency Medicine PAC (WEMPAC)

Advocacy starts here, with the Wisconsin Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee (PAC). Through the PAC, a unified voice of Wisconsin’s emergency physicians will work to support public officials who understand and appreciate the important role of emergency physicians in today's healthcare market. Donate to the PAC today! Your participation will help advance the advocacy efforts of WACEP and all of Wisconsin's emergency physicians

Recommended Annual Donation Levels

  • $500 - Match the commitment made by WACEP Board members
  • $365 - Participate at the "Dollar a Day" level 
  • $200 - Can't swing a dollar a day? $200 still makes a big impact!
  • $60 - Residents are encouraged to participate at the "$5/Month" level
  • Other - Any amount helps!

How are PAC Funds Allocated?

WACEP supports candidates with: 

  • Stated or demonstrated positions on issues important to emergency physicians
  • Service on relevant legislative committees
  • Leadership positions in the state legislature or other governmental offices
  • Personal recommendation of a WACEP member
  • Support from other medical specialties
  • Electability - i.e., likelihood of success in the election

Donate securely online!

Simply click the black Donate button and  you will have the option to donate through your PayPal account (if you have one) OR to use a debit or credit cardPlease provide your home address on the payment form to comply with Wisconsin's Political Action Committee reporting requirements.

Alternatively, you may download a PAC Contribution Form and make your donation by mail or fax

Help Reach our Goal!

The Wisconsin Emergency Medicine PAC Board has set a goal of $20,000 to be raised in 2023. This is a very important as many offices are up for re-election at the state level and because we recently had a significant number of legislative wins. The PAC is another avenue to continue building relationships with our legislators. We are starting at $0 in 2023 and hope to meet our goal to extend our influence.

The Wisconsin Emergency Medicine PAC is a state political action committee. Contributions are NOT made to candidates for federal office through this PAC. Wisconsin law does not allow corporate contributions to a PAC. All donations must be from personal funds.

Privacy Statement: WACEP and the WACEP-PAC are sole owner of information collected on this site, and only have access to/collect information that you voluntarily provide via email or other direct contact. We will not sell or rent information collected. We will not share your information with any third party other than as necessary to fulfill your request. We take precautions to protect your information.