Categories of Membership

Regular Membership

Chapter membership is required for ACEP membership. Members must choose a chapter based on the location of their practice or residence.

  • Annual ACEP dues: $615

  • Annual Wisconsin Chapter-ACEP dues: $310

Transitioning Emergency Medicine Residency Graduates

If you have completed your emergency medicine residency within the last three years, ACEP offers the following dues structure (ACEP/WACEP):

  • First year following graduation $154/$155

  • Second year following graduation $308/$310

  • Third year following graduation $461/$310

International Membership

Available to any emergency physician who is not a resident of the United States or a possession thereof, and who is licensed to practice medicine by the government where they reside and practice.

Candidate Membership

This category of membership is available to:

  • Medical Students Interns
  • Physicians participating in an ACGME accredited emergency medicine residency program
  • Physicians participating in an ACGME accredited fellowship program
  • Physicians in the uniformed services, while serving as general medical officers